The European Central Bank

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Re: The European Central Bank

Postby derekbroad » 10 Sep 2017, 13:05

crummy wrote:
derekbroad wrote:Yes, we should have let the likes of Juncker and Barnier ´educate´ us. NOT ON YOUR NELLY !!!!!!!!!!

Probably Junkers is trying to get the UK negotiators to understand that the UK was the active party in causing the problems the UK is having now... andthe UK seems to want all the benefits of the club without paying the subs... so Junkers needs to "educate" the negotiators to recognize the real world..

After all, if you were a member of a gym club, then left it, you shouln´t expect to keep going to the club.

.. .. you would have to be "uneducated" to think that was okay..


What problems?
It seems to me that it's the EU who are rattled by the negotiations.
One person trying to express the views of 27 is a bit of a shambles.
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Re: The European Central Bank

Postby Harley Benton » 10 Sep 2017, 17:39

Roll on Brexit ! ! ! ! ! !
Just my opinion ...and K.O.K's , of course ! :lol: :camp: :lol:
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