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Forum Rules

Postby Admin » 12 Apr 2011, 13:18

1. Play nicely please! We're all adults in here but that doesn't mean anyone need be abusive or aggressive. Harmless is banter is fine as long as it is harmless.
2. Kids could be reading so please bear that in mind when posting.
3. Three strikes & you're out.

Boring Legal stuff...
4.As per the User Agreement, posters are responsible for the content of their posts and indemnify MyCostaForums for against any inaccuracies in their submissions. The opinion of a post or poster does not reflect the views of MyCostaForums.

That's it!


Signatures may be used by ADVERTISERS FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES FREE OF CHARGE. Should you wish to use your signature for commercial purposes without being an advertiser you may do so for a nominal annual fee. Contact Admin for details.

Anyone wishing to use their signature for non-commercial and/or charitable purposes may do so, but please contact the Admin Team first.

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